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  • Politeness and respect are the basis of communication. We all respect each other and strive for the quality of communication, and not the number of posts / likes.
  • Any rudeness, the transition to the individual, insults - are prohibited and punished with a ban (both temporary and permanent).
  • Spam on the forum - ban.
  • Trolling. Similarly to p. 3. In relation to beginners, there should be no trolling at all.
  • Patience is an important part of communication. If you can answer only in a sarcastic form or with neglect, it is better not to write.
  • Want to show your coolness in power / extreme drying / dry set / etc. ? We are only FOR, but confirm it with photos.
  • Any provocations, incitement of ethnic hatred, extremism, calls for suicide, interracial hatred, oppression of the Mens-physicist, aggression on the divergence of political views, etc. - an eternal ban without trial.
  • Advertising, referral links in messages on the forum and all sorts of spam - unconditional ban.
  • Discussion of firms and brands of AAS - exclusively in personal correspondence.
  • Any advertising links in signatures are prohibited. Links to stores are allowed to users with a status not lower than "Advanced". Signatures must be short and concise. Neutral phrases, popular expressions and aphorisms are not forbidden. Signatures in the form of links to useful forum resources are not prohibited.
  • Copy-paste of the same type of messages in the forum topics - a warning followed by a ban for repeated violations.
  • One person - one account. Users seen using multiple accounts are banned immediately. All user accounts are banned.
  • Before giving advice, make sure that you have knowledge and skills in certain areas.